Our Story

Regional Collection Services opened its doors in 1984, in Marietta Ohio. RCS has also been owned and operated by the same family since 1986. From day one, RCS wanted to stand out from the rest by offering the “Helping Hands Approach” to collections. The agency’s philosophy is to; assist the client in maintaining a positive cash flow, in order to maximize the return on dollars invested, in the extension of credit.

Our agencies policy is to always maintain the highest degree of ethics while adhering strictly to all federal, state, and local laws. We strive to support our local economy by, employing local people. We train and certify each of our employees to abide by the laws of the FDCPA, as well as, other federal, state, and local laws. Our collectors uphold the standards we set to ensure proper legal, ethical, and respectful collections. This, in turn, reflects positively on our clients in the communities they serve.

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The goal of Regional Collection Services is to become a trusted partner in the important and often times difficult job of managing accounts receivable. 

Company Philosophy

The “helping hands” approach to collections. We expect the debtors to pay commensurate with their ability- nothing more or less.


With a commitment to business, the community and the individual, we are dedicated to the continuing challenge of effectively managing credit extension for our clients.  Through computerization, industry education, affiliations, and a commitment to the future, Regional Collection Services remains on the cutting edge of innovation in our industry.


To always maintain the highest degree of ethics with strict adherence to all federal, state, and local laws.

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